Four brave and challenging stories of Kaspersky employees

Not all challenges are common conversation.

As time passes, the challenges that some of us face every day seem to become something mundane and routine. And most importantly, they are experiences that are not easy to share.

On December 3, the International Day of People with Disabilities, we want to stress once again that we do not subscribe to this approach.

And we believe that it is important to talk about the hard and complicated things.

Whether present or past. Not to emphasize that we are different. But rather to remind us of the value of mutual support, attention, the ability to overcome obstacles together and to appreciate everyone's contribution to our common cause - the creation of a safe future. And of course, the need to believe in ourselves.

We spoke to four Kaspersky employees. Below are their stories, experiences and thoughts - honest, challenging and inspiring.

We talked to four employees of the LC.

Below are their stories and thoughts — honest, challenging and inspiring.

Four employees —
Four stories

Head of Financial
Operations Support Team
Нead of Technology
and Product PR
Lead developer
Chief Financial Officer (Europe)